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So what does it mean to create happy wealth?

Creating happy wealth is about finding your niche in life. It’s about exploring different avenues of making money doing what you like. It’s about enhancing your outlook on life.

Can you imagine living life with FINANCIAL HAPPINESS? I know I can :)

Let’s make life about making the best choices for our family and ourselves. Let’s gain freedom from financial stress. Let’s overcome any obstacles and failures that may happen.

So take life by the horns and hold on, because we’re going to succeed together.

I will be using this website as my hub for all things Internet Marketing.

My name is Jason Adams – I am an Internet Marketer

I have made the shift from being a Graphic Designer to being an Internet Marketer. With the popularity of Internet Marketing as a means to do business online and the fact that I wasn’t satisfied working as a Graphic Designer the decision to change was inevitable. Internet Marketing is now my business. It is what I will dedicate my time to. It is something I will work very hard at and will SUCCEED at.  No more negatives from the former field of work I did, only positives that will result in success.

There's More to My Story

Read about why I made the shift into Internet Marketing and more.

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Money, Money, Money

Money makes the world go around, it’s the root of all evil, it doesn’t grow on trees. However you look at money, it is essential for life. We rely on it to buy food, to keep a roof over our heads and to put clothes on our back.

People tend to focus on how they’re going to get the latest gadgets, or keep up with the Jones, which can cause UNNECESSARY DEBT. With this website I want you to focus on how you’re going to make money, instead of spending money you don’t have.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

My name is Jason Adams, I am a real person who is writing this. I am not paying anyone to write for me, nor do I plan on having anyone speak on my behalf. I am here to give HONEST advice. I have seen firsthand that when you lie or be dishonest your quality of life goes to the wayside. I’ve learned when you lie life will punish you in some way. I used to know a compulsive liar whose life seemed to be a living hell. So take it from me, HONESTY is the best policy in life. Expect the truth and only the truth from me.

Money Does Grow On Trees

The website is a work-in-progress as of June 14, 2013


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